Friday, January 31, 2014

Yale graduate with degree in economics wagers $600,000 on Super Bowl prop bets

Are you already sweating bullets over that $20 bet you made on the Super Bowl? Well, Yale economics graduate and self-proclaimed professional gambler, Rufus Peabody, thinks that's laughable, because he is wagering an unfathomable $600,000 on Super Bowl prop bets alone.

According to Matt Hayes of the Sporting News, Peabody has taken calculated measures in order to maximize his potential for success, which he totally expects to have plenty of.

"If it’s anything more than that it’s luck. It’s entirely quantitative; I don’t use gut feelings. The best bets I make are the ones where I say, 'How would I like this?' My gut would say no, this is an awful bet. But it’s not. It basically shows you can’t trust your gut."


As the old saying goes, "it takes money to make money," and Peabody is laying down a bunch to net a profit of five to ten percent. The trick won't be to win every bet, obviously. But rather to win considerably more than he loses, which is easier said than done, unless you are an economics graduate from Yale.

Via Bleacher Report 

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