Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Woman suing Arian Foster for allegedly trying to force her into abortion

Arian Foster finds himself in a legal mess after a woman he allegedly impregnated months ago has filed a lawsuit claiming he and his family members are harassing her to get an abortion.

The lawsuit states that Foster "used family members to additionally harass [her] to get an abortion." One of Foster's brothers allegedly approached her and said, "If you love him so much you would get an abortion," according to the suit.

The woman, who is 17 weeks pregnant, is seeking child support, a restraining order, and emotional distress.

Foster, who is married to another woman, believes the woman carrying his child is just trying to use the baby to create a media circus, culminating into a reality television career.

Foster claims she has "already indicated in social media postings announcing that she will participate in a reality show revolving around her pregnancy and thereby draw additional media attention." The woman also recently referred to herself as a "blondashian."

The Texans running back has filed a response to the woman's lawsuit and is hoping a judge can grant his request for a judge to silence her before she turns the legal battle into widespread media attention.

What a mess.

Via TMZ Sports


  1. U see were beeing a cheater gets to u peoples wy cann we all respect our marriegessssss please okkkk;-)

    1. Live and learn buddy u see there some reall smart gold diggers out ther so live nd learn youst pay ur duuss for 18 yrs if the child does not go to collage cause if he or she does uuuuuiuuu baby u have money its cool

    2. I love how it's always the guy that gets blasted... This reality tv star wannabe knew he was married. She didn't respect his marriage just the same as he didn't... Yet he's getting blasted. BTW How do you know he doesn't have an open marriage?

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