Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Was Washington teen fired from job over Broncos jersey?

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A Washington teenager was faced with a difficult decision last Sunday as he basically had to choose between keeping his job or supporting the team he loves.

The teenager, Nathaniel Wentz, chose to stand up for his Denver Broncos rather than succumb to pressure from his boss.

Okay, so here is the quick story. On Jan. 19, Wentz went into his job at Odyssey 1, a family entertainment center, wearing a Broncos Demaryius Thomas jersey. Wentz thought he was allowed to wear a jersey that day. But apparently he wore the wrong one.

Once his manager caught a glimpse of what he was wearing, the manager instructed Wentz to go home and change, but the 17-year-old left and never came back. Wentz said he was fired soon thereafter.

The official reason for Wentz's termination was documented as his refusal to return to work. In fairness, that seems like a legitimate cause, assuming that it was indeed why he was fired.

It's important to note that Washington employers, like many other states, have the right to terminate anyone for literally no cause. It doesn't matter really matter.

The silver lining to the situation is that Wentz can now watch his Broncos in the Super Bowl without fear of having to work. And that may be a blessing in disguise when you think about it.

Via Bleacher Report

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