Saturday, January 25, 2014

Video: Watch two-year-old kid in diaper shred on a skateboard, is a prodigy

Quite frankly, this two-year-old is already better at skateboarding than 99.9 percent of mankind can ever dream to be.

Meet the adorably diapered Kahlei from Victoria, Australia. And watch him hone his skateboarding skills through the mean streets and paved surfaces near his humble home. Pretty awesome, right?

You see, Kahlei comes from a skateboarding family, is the youngest of seven children, and has been shredding on boards since he was just six months old.

Step aside, Tony Hawk. There's a new face of skateboarding waiting in the wings.

Via The Guardian


  1. Awesome except for the fact that he was in the streets with traffic!!!!! He's a 2 year old and should at the very least be protected with knee, elbow pads and helmet.

  2. Blah blah blah. Wrap him in bubble wrap while ur at it.

  3. Wouldn't call this shredding....but good for his age i suppose