Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Video: High school junior bench presses 225 pounds a mind-boggling number of times

Breiden Fehoko is one strong dude.

This can be evidenced by the video above, which shows the Governor Wallace Rider Farrington High School (Honolulu, HI) defensive tackle executing an impressive feat. Namely, bench pressing 225 pounds an astounding 37 times.

Okay, so before some of you inevitably invade the comments section, claiming that the feat is easy, please know that just three prospects at last year's NFL combine were able to do what Fehoko did.

Not surprisingly, Fehoko is being recruited by the likes of Alabama, Oklahoma, and Wisconsin, with more teams likely to get in the mix in due time, as well.

Via Bleacher Report


  1. he doesnt fully extend none of those reps would count

    1. Yep, not one good bench press. The combines are very specific of how a prospect has to do the bench press. Also, there is no correlation between who wins the bench press at the NFL combines and who is a great DT.