Monday, January 6, 2014

Video: Evander Holyfield gets scolded by producers for saying being gay is like being handicapped

Former boxer Evander Holyfield drew the wrath of UK Celebrity Big Brother producers when he was filmed on camera saying that he believed being gay is no different than being handicapped.

Holyfield made the comments Sunday, during the first week of the show, when reality star Luisa Zissman casually asked him if there were any gay boxers.

Holyfield, noted to be a devoted Christian, cited the bible and said that he believed homosexuality is not a choice, but rather a handicap, which is something a doctor can fix.

Naturally, Zissman disagreed with Holyfield, but did so in a respectful and non-intense way. However, the producers of the show weren't so nice, choosing to take Holyfield to another room where they proceeded to scathe him for his beliefs.

Producers tabbed Holyfield's comments as "inappropriate" because they "aren't views held by a large section of society."

Holyfield refused to apologize, but did acknowledge that his comments could be considered offensive.

Could the show receive media attention on par to what Duck Dynasty absorbed after Phil Robertson made comments about homosexuality? That remains to be seen.

Via TMZ Sports

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