Thursday, January 9, 2014

Ric Flair decides against attending Panthers-49ers game after receiving death threats

A select number of Carolina Panthers fans are not fond of the pep talk Ric Flair gave to the San Francisco 49ers before they eliminated the Green Bay Packers from the playoffs last weekend. So much so, in fact, that they took to social media in order to deliver death threats to "The Nature Boy" himself.

Okay, so why would Panthers fans care about his pre-game speech? Well, for one the Panthers are set to host the same team he tried to inspire. And secondly, because Flair is a native of Charlotte, and his viral speech raised some eyebrows around his hometown. Namely, because Panthers fans felt betrayed.

From Tom Sorensen of The Charlotte Observer:

The 49er pep talk, which instantly went viral, caused many Carolina fans to voice their feelings of anger and betrayal on social media – some even offering death threats to Flair. "We know fans are passionate about their teams, but some of the choice language we have been receiving is scaring off our interns," said Melinda Morris Zanoni, Flair's agent at Legacy Talent and Entertainment.

Given the circumstances, Flair has chosen not to attend the Panthers-49ers game at Bank of America Stadium this weekend, which is a very sad result, indeed. Sure, his show of support to a rival team could be viewed as controversial, but I doubt he ever intended his actions to result in this mess. It's a lose-lose for all.

Via Bleacher Report

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