Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Report: Omaha Steaks mulling an endorsement deal with Peyton Manning

According to a report by ESPN's Darren Rovell, Omaha Steaks is considering an endorsement deal with Peyton Manning, after the Broncos signal caller has made the practice of shouting "Omaha" at the line of scrimmage a viral sensation.

After hearing Peyton Manning yell "Omaha" more than 40 times at the line of scrimmage during Sunday's victory over the San Diego Chargers, an official with Omaha Steaks says the company is considering offering the Denver Broncos quarterback an endorsement deal that could include calling out its name during the big game.

The exact meaning of "Omaha" has been the subject of much debate around the sports world since Sunday. Some folks argue that the term is merely a cadence to induce the defense to jump offsides. While others claim it is an audible for blocking protection.

Whatever the case may be, Omaha Steaks has already cashed in on Manning's ability to create buzz, regardless if they follow through with an endorsement deal or not. Remember, no publicity is bad publicity.

Via Bleacher Report


  1. I thought Omaha was an indicator that the play clock was running low and signaled the OL that the snap was about to occur. I remember hearing this from someone who attending a Manning passing camp. Could be wrong though.

  2. This is awesome! Great idea by OMAHA steaks. Who wouldn't want Peyton Manning endorsing your business. Look at him and Papa Johns.