Friday, January 10, 2014

Report: Michael Bennett hit with lawsuit for being worst dog owner ever

As Michael Bennett prepares for this weekend's playoff game against the Saints, another thing may be weighing on as mind, as TMZ Sports reports that the Seahawks defensive lineman has been slapped with a lawsuit for abandoning his dog in Florida.

The lawsuit, filed by Lucky Dog Daycare & Resort in Tampa, claims that Bennett left his dog, Koa, at the venue and never returned after signing a deal with the Seahawks last March. Over time, Koa became so distraught that the dog eventually refused to eat, lost his hair, and clearly failed to thrive.

Lucky Dog has tried repeatedly to contact Bennett, but they claim Bennett has not fielded any of their phone calls, which does not look good on his part.

Lucky Dog is seeking more than $5,000 in damages to help alleviate the situation. For Bennett, that bill would be an easy one to settle given the $3 million he is reportedly earning in salary this season.

Luckily, Koa has had a happy ending, though. Another family has taken him in and renamed the dog Quigley. By all accounts, both the family and the boxer are doing well.

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