Thursday, January 9, 2014

Report: Ex-NFL star Carl Pickens busted by police after trying to hid in attic


Former NFL wide receiver Carl Pickens was arrested for misdemeanor domestic battery recently. But that isn't a story and of itself.

What is a story is the fact that Pickens was arrested at his home after authorities found him hiding in his attic. How did the cops find him? Well, apparently the 43-year-old was discovered when he went crashing through the roof.

Georgia cops were in search for Pickens after his wife told police that he allegedly threw her on the couch and pinned her down by the neck during an argument on Dec. 7th.

Police went to his home and eventually discovered Pickens after noticing a "fresh hole in the ceiling from the attic" where he had fallen from.

Pickens wisely immediately surrendered, was booked, and later bailed out.

Via TMZ Sports

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