Thursday, January 2, 2014

Poll reveals that Dallas Cowboys are America's least favorite team

If you live in America, and you like football, chances are at one time or another you have had the premise that the Dallas Cowboys are America's favorite team drilled into your skull.

However, a recent poll conducted by Public Policy Polling totally contradicts that notion. In fact, the Cowboys are actually America's least favorite team.

According to the poll results, which were tabulated using responses from 741 voters, 23 percent of respondents said that the Cowboys were their least favorite team in the NFL. That percentage is 10 points higher than the next most disliked team in America (Chicago Bears - 13 percent).

For what it's worth, America's real favorite team, according to the poll at least, is the Denver Broncos. They reeled in 14 percent of the overall vote to grab the honor.

Via Eye on Football


  1. I bet I know who the least favorite owner is.

  2. i hate the cowboys, but really you are putting your claim on responses from only 741 people. get a real poll from more people and from different areas.

  3. Who is the 2 nd favorite team? Oh it's the Dallas Cowboys. Yes even without success on the field they still rank higher than every team other than the Broncos. Once again some wanna be that wants publicity using Cowboys popularity for benefit.