Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Pirates are ditching iconic pirate from logo


In what could quite possibly be the worst news you have read about all day, the Pittsburgh Pirates announced Wednesday their plan to ditch the iconic Jolly Roger pirate in favor of the gold "P" emblem.

Although the current design (seen above) has been around since 1997, the storied franchise has been using some version of the scowling pirate since the 1930s. 

The good news is that the team plans to phase out the scallywag from its logo over time. The old Pirate logo will still be worn on their sleeves and the Jolly Roger is still technically part of the team's style guide.

But the look will no longer be the primary option. That title will go to the gold "P" emblem, instead.

“While the ‘P’ was not designated as our primary logo, it has been a part of our brand for more than 100 years and, more recently, the focus of our branding efforts,” team spokesman Brian Warecki wrote in an email. “This change will continue to strengthen that brand identity.”

The initial idea by the franchise was to replace the most recent Jolly Roger with another pirate. However, a consulting group advised against it and thus now we have Pittsburgh's decision to veer away from the scruffy man wearing a red bandana.

Via Post Gazette


  1. keep the pirate it's part of history in the burg

  2. A consulting group! And what did that cost? A bunch of baloney! Keep the old pirate. Who are we offending now? If the Pirates do this I will never buy anything with the gold P.

  3. I cannot believe the Pirates are phasing out the Jolly Roger!! We have worked very hard to have this franchise recognized as a viable team and now when Greg Brown says the phrase "You Can Raise The Jolly Roger" with all of that enthusiasm people know it's the Pirates!! People have become backers of the Buccos again and they have purchased the flag and they fly it outside for all to see and you are taking that away from the fans. This has been a symbol of "Pirate" baseball for many years ..what is a "Pirate" baseball team without a PIRATE?? It just won't be the same without that logo and I for one are really disappointed in the decision! I have been a backer of this team since I knew what baseball was..I was raised to love them good..bad or indifferent and I was always proud to display my Pirate log the more gnarly the better..a nasty looking Jolly Roger just looked like the BEST logo of any team and they have now taken the fight from the appearance of the team making them soft..I just think this is such a mistake!!

  4. Don't worry about the LOGO, worry about GETTING A FIRST BASEMAN!! Plus, I like the Pirate. What are we going to do this year, raise the Jolly P?

  5. Maybe you should ask the fans!!!! We buy all the souvenirs and our consultation is free!!!!

  6. This is the most stupid thing they have done since grabing Derek Bell. BOO HISS !!!
    Billy Ball