Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Photo: Snow forcing workers to paint Super Bowl end zones under tents

Snow-filled Met Life Stadium on Wednesday morning.

The weather is already playing a big role in how the Super Bowl is shaping up.

Although the game won't be played for another 11 days, crews are working hard to get MetLife Stadium looking its best, but they are battling snow and cold in the process.

Seen here is a picture taken on Wednesday by NFL Public Relations employee Brian McCarty. If you can't quite make out the scene, it shows workers painting the end zone, with a tent overhead to keep them nice and dry.

Will snow play a factor in football's biggest game of the year? Perhaps. But there is no question that the game will be played in much colder temperatures than players, coaches, and fans are used to. And this has some folks excited while others couldn't be more unhappy about the NFL's decision to let Mother Nature (possibly) play a role in the contest.

How do you feel about it?

Via Eye on Football

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