Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Photo: Seahawks to serve up 'DangeRuss' hot dog

The Seahawks are unveiling the 'DangeRuss' hot dog to honor Russell Wilson.

The culinary minds behind the Seattle Seahawks are it at again, folks.

One week removed from featuring the "Beast Burger," which paid homage to running back Marshawn Lynch and his love for Skittles, the team and Delaware North food services have partnered to create the "DangeRuss" hot dog, which is in tribute to quarterback Russell Wilson.

The unique food item includes a lengthy hot dog, appropriately-sized bun, caramelized onions, homemade Sriacha honey hot sauce, diced jalepeno peppers, and "Seahawks Strips," which are essentially green and blue tortilla strips.

The team hopes to sell around 1,000 of these "DangeRuss" dogs this week after selling just as many Beast Burgers against the Saints last Sunday.

Via Eye on Football 

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