Sunday, January 19, 2014

Photo: Seahawks fan gets 'Super Bowl XLVIII champ' tattoo

One fan in Seattle is really hoping the Seahawks win the Lombardi Trophy this year. (Twitter/KOMO)

The Seattle Seahawks better win Super Bowl XLVIII or else this avid fan is going to have some explaining to do to outsiders.

Seen here is a man by the name of Tim Connors. You see, Connors decided to get a tattoo on his inner-wrist that proudly proclaims the Seahawks as "XLVII Champs" along with the team's logo.

Now, the Seahawks aren't too far away from making this tattoo a real piece of history instead of fiction. But there is still a good chance that his tattoo will serve as a permanent reminder that his favorite team did not win the Super Bowl.

The next step on Seattle's road to the Lombardi Trophy is beating arch-rival San Francisco in the NFC title game on Sunday. You can bet Connors will be watching with bated breath.

Via Eye on Football

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