Friday, January 24, 2014

Photo: Child compares Richard Sherman to Disney character in heartfelt letter

(Sherman via USA TODAY Sports Images)

Richard Sherman is just like the title character in Wreck-It Ralph.

Well, at least that's what the child of this letter and drawing believes, as Sherman tweeted it out to his followers on Thursday to help explain why the polarizing Seahawks cornerback is misunderstood.
In case you can't quite make out the contents of the letter, it reads:

Richard Sherman reminds me of Wreck It Ralph because people think they are both bad guys but they are both really good guys. They are both nice to [unknown] and really smart. Richard Sherman is smart. He went to a good school. He studies football. He saved the game on Sunday. Wreck It Ralph is smart too. He saved Sugar Rush and saved the day. Richard Sherman is nice. He visits sick kids and is nice to [unknown]. Ralph is nice to Venelope. She is a kid. Like they said in Wreck It Ralph, just because people think you are a bad guy doesn’t mean you are a bad guy. I love Richard Sherman and Wreck It Ralph.

Well said, kid. Considering how much ink Sherman has been getting this week following his epic postgame rant, this take may actually be the best because it's both simplistic, honest, and relatively accurate.

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