Friday, January 31, 2014

Penthouse offers Raiders cheerleaders a deal in wake of unfair wage lawsuit

As a federal investigation continues into the matter involving unfair wages paid to the Oakland Raiders cheerleaders, Penthouse has caught wind and wants to help, by offering the "Raiderettes" a chance to take part in a "tasteful pictorial in the magazine."

According to TMZ Sports, the nude magazine is ready to make the cheerleaders a sizable offer if they are wlling to show off more skin than normal. And Penthouse isn't requiring the Raiderettes to go fully nude, either.

In case you missed it, a lawsuit was filed on behalf of the Raiderettes earlier this month, claiming the cheerleaders were subject to unfair employment practices, which included being paid less than $5 an hour, well below the minimum wage mark.

It's not known at this point if any Raiderettes are entertaining Penthouse's offer.

Via TMZ Sports


  1. why not. they're half nude anyway.

  2. Wouldn't Raiderettes with clothes on be much better than the naked skanks they show in Penthouse anyway ?

  3. I'm ready to make them a sizable offer too.

  4. the raiders cant even get ink on football anymore...Sorry Big Al