Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Middle schooler gets busted for spiking opponent's Gatorade cooler with bleach

If this doesn't qualify as "bush league," I'm not sure what does.

A middle school student from Gaffney, S.C. has been disciplined after confessing to spiking an opponent's Gatorade cooler with a capful of bleach. Naturally, the kid was busted after reportedly bragging about it to his friends through text messages.

More on the incident from WBTW News:

Cherokee County School Superintendent Dr. Quincie Moore confirms the incident happened Wednesday during a game between GMS and Granard Middle School. Moore says Gaffney Middle School student admitted to putting about a cap-full of bleach into a seven gallon cooler full of Gatorade.

Fortunately, nobody has reported becoming sick due to the foul concoction. But it should be noted that students and staff from both schools wound up drinking from the cooler. So, it appears the kid's evil plot almost backfired.

Via Black Sports Online