Friday, January 17, 2014

Michael Jordan's mom claims recruitment letter up for auction is just replica


Goldin Auctions believes it has obtained an original recruitment letter sent from Hall of Fame coach Dean Smith to a high school player by the name of Michael Jordan in 1980. In fact, Goldin Auctions is even labeling it "the most important recruiting letter ever written by a head coach in the history of college basketball."

Unfortunately, Jordan's mother, Deloris Jordan, claims that the letter the auction site has its hands on is simply a replica. The real one is locked away in a vault somewhere.

“When I heard it, I’m thinking, ‘No, that cannot be. What they have is replica,’” Deloris Jordan said. “The letters of Coach Smith and Coach Gunthrie’s letters I have in a vault. I accumulated all that stuff as he was getting prepared to go to college.”

“I wouldn’t take that risk of leaving it. It’s so valuable and you can’t replace it,” she said. “I have so many things I have been able to really hold onto and these things I would not have given to anybody. What they have is a copy.”

“It’s up to the public—who do you believe?” she said. “Do you believe the auction house or do you believe me? I know what I have and again to the people who do want to buy online, go ahead and buy. But I couldn’t sit by and say that these are authentic when I know they’re not.”

Despite Mrs. Jordan's claim, Goldin Auctions continues to maintain that the document is an original, and will attempt to sell the piece of paper as such.

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