Thursday, January 30, 2014

LeBron James apologizes for using 'insensitive' term

LeBron James apologized Wednesday. (USATSI)

Before Wednesday's loss, LeBron James apparently used the word "retarded" in a pregame interview. After the game, which resulted in a loss to the Thunder, James apologized for using the "insensitive" term, and vowed to try harder to remove it from his vocabulary altogether.

LeBron James of the Miami Heat apologized Wednesday night for using the word "retarded" while answering a question posed in a pregame interview.

James says the word's usage is a bad habit that he's trying to break, and that he'll try not to use it again.

"I mean no disrespect," James said.

The NBA's four-time Most Valuable Player opened his postgame interview session by addressing the matter without being asked

The fact that James came out and apologized without being prompted shows obvious remorse and conscientiousness. In 2011, James referred to a reporter's question as "retarded," and was subsequently grilled afterward for it. Fortunately, James was able to diffuse the potential for strife by immediately coming out and apologizing this time around. Kudos to King James for owning the situation.

Via Eye on Basketball

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