Friday, January 24, 2014

Kevin Durant calls Stephen Curry 'best shooter to ever play in NBA'

Kevin Durant believes Stephen Curry is the greatest shooter to ever lace 'em up.

Durant was recently asked by a Twitter follower who he would rather have in a three-point shooting contest: Stephen Curry or himself. He humbly went with Curry and proceeded to tab the Golden State Warriors star as the "best shooter to ever play."

So, apologies to Reggie Miller, Jerry West, Ray Allen, and a host of others, who might have been worthy of the greatest shooter ever title. But Durant is going with Curry.

While it's probably still too early in Curry's career to call him the best shooter to ever play, because he hasn't quite built the resume yet, it looks as though he could be well on his way. In 2012-13, Curry smashed the all-time single-season record for three pointers made, and did so while converting a tidy 45.3 percent of his attempts beyond the arc. That's efficient and effective.

Time will tell if Durant is correct in his proclamation about Curry, though.

Via Bleacher Report

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