Monday, January 20, 2014

Justin Verlander: Richard Sherman would get thrown at in baseball

Richard Sherman is receiving a lot of criticism for his candid interview with reporter Erin Andrews following Sunday's NFC title game, including Tigers pitcher Justin Verlander.

The MLB star took to Twitter Sunday night, as did many folks around the country, to chime in with his opinion on the whole Sherman rant. You can read his thoughts in the above tweet.

Simply put, Verlander is probably correct in his assumption. Sherman makes himself an easy target for retaliation and that's exactly what pitchers would want to do if he took his antics to baseball.

On the other hand, his interview is somewhat refreshing, because it went against the grain of what we are used to seeing, which includes often-used cliches and politically correct statements. At least Sherman's short rant was entertaining.

Via Eye on Baseball

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