Wednesday, January 8, 2014

John Calipari takes a sneaky swipe at Indiana fans

It's a pretty well known fact that Kentucky and Indiana don't like each other when it comes to college basketball. The two programs have had plenty of epic battles over the years, but perhaps none were more colossal than the December 2011 clash that saw the Hoosiers upset the Wildcats in Bloomington. Indiana stormed the court that night and Kentucky went on to win the national title a few months later. But the game and the scene afterward hasn't been forgotten.

John Calipari tapped into this not-so-secret animosity during his weekly radio call-in show to fan the flames of the rivalry once more. CBS Sports has the quote:

"We don't have obnoxious -- well, we may, but I never hear them -- but we don't treat the other team with disrespect. If we won a game against the No. 1 team in the country in Rupp Arena, would people charge the court? No. You're supposed to (win.) You're Kentucky. We don't do that here."


Calipari's comments are a direct diss toward the Hoosiers program as a whole and their fans. Furthermore, they are comments that probably won't be ignored by those who the message was directed toward.

What is even more puzzling is the fact that both schools decided to walk away from the basketball series. However, both sides continue to fire proverbial shots at each other to keep the bitter rivalry alive. 

Let's just settle this on the basketball court, guys. The powers that be at both universities need to find a way to strike up this series again because the nation is being deprived of a good rivalry.


  1. Coach John Calipari wasn't saying this to take a jab at Indiana, he was just stating a fact. Also there is another reason that you'll never see UK fans storm the court, not only is Kentucky supposed to win, IT IS ILEAGAL IN THE SEC FOR FANS TO STORM THE COURT, IF THEY DO THEY WILL BE FINED! the reason for this is because, (aside from it being disrespectful) it is dangerous (people get trampled, things get damaged). And as far as the IU vs UK on the court, Calipari offered to play Indiana (in Indiana-twice) and Tom Crean wouldn't do it. So if there is any blame to be thrown around about these two teams not playing each other,(people, fans, sports writers, etc.) should think about that fact before they land it.

    1. You must be a UK fan. Most UK fans can't spell. It is "illegal" not "ileagal."

      Also, IU offered to play KY one game at Rupp, one at YUM center, one in Bloomington and one in Indy. Cal said no. Face it, he's scared. After UK was slaughtered in Chapel Hill, he won't be going back there either. Basically, he pats his schedule because he knows if he doesn't win 30 games/year then he won't be there that long.

  2. Pat the schedule?......then I guess you don't really know or understand college basketball....
    Mich St, N. Carolina, Baylor, who are you kidding..

  3. The reason Kentucky & Indiana doesn't play any more is after Cream got his pants beaten off in the NCAA Tournement by Kentucky, he decided he need to play more patsy teams the next few years. Indiana fans are great fans & so are Kentucky's. But Cream, not Cal, is the one to blame. Face it look at Indiana's pre-conference shedule this year and tell me who plays more patsy teams!!!