Monday, January 27, 2014

Denver radio station banning all Seattle-based artists and bands from airwaves until Super Bowl

If you happen to be in Denver this week and wish to listen to Macklemore on the radio, don't waste your time tuning in to 99.5 The Mountain, because the station has vowed to ban any Seattle-based bands and artists from its airwaves until the Super Bowl ends.

“This is a crucial prep week for the Broncos and I figured that Denver fans want to get all their positive mojo going in that direction,” said Mike Casey, the morning show host of 99.5 The Mountain, in a press release today. “So how could I, in good conscience and good mojo, saturate the Mountain airwaves with Seahawk fan-bands like Heart, Pearl Jam, Hendrix and Nirvana this week?? No way!”

In my opinion, this bold strategy may actually work against the Broncos in creating good karma, because depriving people of their music, regardless of where it originated, is not something people take lightly.

Nonetheless, you have got to admire the radio station's commitment.

Via Denver Post

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