Monday, January 13, 2014

Damien Berry denies putting ring up for sale via auction

Earlier this month, it was reported that Damien Berry, a sparingly used ex-running back of the Baltimore Ravens, put his Super Bowl ring up for sale via auction.

However, Berry now claims that the action wasn't authorized by him.

"I would never knowingly sell my Super Bowl ring," Berry said. "I'm not that kind of guy. That's not me. The ring means a lot to me and I want to do whatever it takes to get it back. This isn't what I'm about."

Berry insists he had no knowledge that the ring was up for sale and said a friend is to blame, instead. He claims the friend sold it to a third party who then sold it to Goldin Auctions. 
But that isn't the story that Ken Goldin, founder of Goldin Auctions, is telling folks. 

However, Ken Goldin, the founder of Goldin Auctions, told The Baltimore Sun on Saturday night that he has a copy of a sales agreement with Berry that includes witnessed, notarized documents for a chain of custody that will be made available to the winning bidder of an online auction conducted through

Goldin said that his company conducts extensive research and verification of all items, and wouldn't sell anything that it's not authorized to make available for auctions.

"This isn't a good look, I know that, but I swear this didn't start with me," Berry said. "I have a lawyer who's working with me to try to get the ring back. I was shocked when people starting coming at me on Twitter about what's up with my Super Bowl ring. It's definitely upsetting, but everything will be all right."

For what it's worth, the ring is still for sale online at the moment.

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