Monday, January 13, 2014

Anthony Bosch: I personally injected Alex Rodriguez with PEDs

A "60 Minutes" interview with the founder of the former drug clinic Biogenesis, Anthony Bosch, produced plenty of notable revelations and nuggets. But one of the more interesting tidbits was the fact that Bosch said he personally injected Alex Rodriguez with performance-enhancing drugs.

The interview marked the first time that Bosch had spoken publicly about his maligned clients at Biogenesis.

Bosch told CBS host Scott Pelley that he personally injected Rodriguez at times because the MLB star was "scared of needles" and needed some assistance.

“So at times,” Bosch said, “he would ask me to inject.”

Rodriguez allegedly used testosterone, insulin growth factor one, human growth hormone, and different forms of peptide.

Rodriguez reportedly paid $12,000 a month for Bosch's services. The two first met in 2010 shortly before Rodriguez blasted the 600th home run of his career.

According to Bosch, Rodriguez was hellbent in creating an 800 home run club.

Via Sports Illustrated

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