Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Virginia cemetery being dug up to make room for high school football facility

How important is football in the state of Virginia? Apparently, so important that a cemetery is being dug up in order to make room to build a new high school sports complex and football field.

According to The Washington Post, officials with Prince William County High School in Manassas, Va. announced the plans to erect a sparkling new football facility, approximately two months after learning about the existence of the cemetery.

However, the district claims that is wasn't aware of the unmarked graves belonging to a local farmer and his family, which dates back to the mid-1800s, until five days after the dig began in November.

Despite outcries from the community and descendants of the family, the school has no plans to turn back now, proclaiming the plans for the football field and sports complex cannot be altered at this point.

In order to relocate the graves, the school has purchased plots at a nearby cemetery for the recovered artifacts. On Dec. 16, the district will host a public meeting to get input on the reburial.

Via Sports Illustrated

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