Saturday, December 7, 2013

Video: Taylor University's 'Silent Night' tradition successful and crazy as ever

Taylor University has gained a reputation for being the mecca of unusual basketball traditions. If fans aren't tossing toilet paper onto the floor to mark the beginning of a season they are engaging in this "Silent Night" tradition, which mandates that the crowd stay quiet until the Trjoans score their 10th point of the game. After that, all mayhem breaks loose.

The annual game is designed to be a perfectly timed stress reliever as it is always scheduled the Friday night before finals begin. After the game, students assemble at a university-sponsored Christmas party where, among other activities, the school president reads A Christmas Story to them.

As for the game and tradition itself, nobody in the crowd or on the court is allowed to say anything until Taylor reaches the 10-point mark. Yes, this makes for an eerily quiet atmosphere. After Casey Coons scored the crowd-inducing basket for the past four years, a new player had to step up and create the madness this time around, and that player was Ben Raichel. His 3-pointe with 15:24 left in the first half put the Trojans up 10-5 on Indiana Dabney and the rest is history.

As always, immediately following the game, fans went shoulder-to-shoulder to sing the classic Christmas carol in unison.

Via Eye on College Basketball

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