Saturday, December 28, 2013

Video: Premier League player celebrates goal by getting hair scissored off on sideline

Soccer players are always coming up with new and fresh ideas on how to appropriately celebrate a goal. But this celebration by Hull midfielder Tom Huddlestone during a Premier League match against Fulham may take the cake.

Check it out as Huddlestone pays tribute to his score by sprinting over to the sideline and getting a chunk of his hair chopped off.

Okay, so there is more to the story than just meets the eye. Apparently, Huddlestone vowed in 2011 to abstain from cutting his hair until he scored another goal, contingent upon fans donating 75,000 British pounds to charity. As fate would have it, the promise would take 54 league matches before Huddlestone finally found the back of the net. And this is when the ceremonial cutting off the locks commenced.

Via For the Win

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