Thursday, December 19, 2013

Video: Andrea Bargnani's ill-advised shot may be the worst of the year

Andrea Bargnani is taking a lot of heat for the ill-advised shot he attempted with 11 seconds to go in overtime against the Milwaukee Bucks.

Leading 94-92, the Knicks pretty much had the game won after grabbing an offensive redound and then quickly dishing to Bargnani at the top of the wing to keep the ball away from the Bucks.

However, Bargnani inexplicably pulled the trigger on a three-pointer, which clanked off the rim and into the hands of the Bucks. Milwaukee then scored to send the game into double overtime.

Fortunately for Barganani, the Knicks prevailed 107-101 in the second overtime session, making the stupid decision to launch a shot with the game in hand during the first OT a little bit less idiotic. But it still remains a candidate for worst shot selection of the NBA season.

Via Bleacher Report

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