Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Toronto mayor Rob Ford doesn't believe Redskins should change their name

Toronto mayor Rob Ford has weirdly become an international celebrity since admitting to smoking crack. As the world has found out, his opinions and antics know no end, and his latest controversial blurb involves what the Washington Redskins should do about their nickname.

Quite frankly, Ford thinks it would be asinine for the team to change its name, saying in part "The 'Skins are the 'Skins." Ford also added, "What are we going to call the Cleveland Indians? The Cleveland Aboriginals next?" Point taken, sir.

But Ford's take on football doesn't end there. On Thursday, Ford will join Washington D.C.'s 106.7 The Fan to give his NFL picks for the upcoming weekend.  So moral of the story: Do drugs, achieve notoriety, keep your high-paying job, and get to talk football on American radio.

Via Eye on Football

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