Thursday, December 19, 2013

Report: Starlin Castro has $3.6 million seized from his bank accounts

Starlin Castro had approximately $3.6 million seized from his bank accounts on Wednesday for refusing to give a portion of his contract to a baseball school in the Dominican Republic.

According to Paul Sullivan of the Chicago Tribune, the Chicago Cubs shortstop signed an agreement with Mi Futuro Biluguer (My Future Big Leaguer) when he was 15 years old, which requires Castro to give 3 percent of his contract to the school.

It's not like Castro hasn't paid up at all, though. In 2012, after signing a seven-year, $60 million contract extension, Castro paid the school from a chunk of his signing bonus. However, he did not expect to continue having to pay Mi Futuro Biliguer beyond then.

Now, a legal battle is ensuing as the school is planning to sue Castro for breach of trust and securities distraction. But Castro's attorney plans to file a countersuit claiming the contract is void because the father should not be able to sign away his son's earnings as guardian.


  1. now we know why he was sucking so much at the plate

  2. still one of the best young players in the game, he'll bounce back after this mess