Saturday, December 28, 2013

Report: Florida woman threatens to kill Walmart employee over price of skateboard

Entering the premises of a Walmart establishment is arguably the most harrowing experience known to mankind nowadays. Especially when you become aware of incidents like the one that supposedly occurred in Florida around Christmas.

According to Click Orlando, a customer reportedly became so upset over the listed price of a skateboard that she chose to become violent toward an employee as a showing of her displeasure.

According to police, the associate was assisting another customer when Maria Desimone approached her and was upset about the price of a skateboard. Desimone began cursing at the woman and swung the board as if she was going to hit her, police said.

The sales associate pointed her finger at Desimone, who then threatened to kill her, according to police.

Thankfully, the 45-year-old Desimone was arrested on battery charges shortly after.

Via The Big Lead

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