Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Randy Starks speaks about getting grabbed in his privates by Steelers


On Sunday, Miami Dolphins defensive tackle Randy Starks experienced something that no man should ever have to experience. Namely, being grabbed by another man from behind in his, um, private area.

Footage of that incident can be seen in the video clip above. On Tuesday, Starks was asked by reporters about the play, and he was more than willing to talk about.

“I heard of stuff like that happening. It’s the first time it happened to me,” Starks said Tuesday. “If I knew exactly who it was at the time, I probably would have got thrown out.”

Starks maintains that he didn't know at the time who the culprit was who tried to give him an unofficial prostate exam. But he would have been willing to retaliate if he did.

“It’s tough not to react,” Starks said. “I’m sure I would’ve did something and I would’ve got thrown out and then they would have understood. But I’m just glad I didn’t know who it was, because it might have got kind of ugly out there.”

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