Thursday, December 12, 2013

Photo: Fenway Park offering fans the chance to go sledding

From Dec. 28 to Jan. 13, visitors who make their way into Fenway Park will have the chance to go sledding inside the stadium. This is not a misprint.

In a news release published by Fenway Sports Management, it was announced that Citi's "Frozen Fenway" will include a "Monster Sled" that is 20 feet high and 75 feet long. You know, similar to the slides you may have seen or rode at an amusement park.

The man-made mountain features five paths for sledders or tubers to go sliding down near the Red Sox bullpen. The entire setup can be rented on an hourly basis for up to 100 people. Oh, and sleds and tubes are provided!

The picture shown above is an artist's rendering of what the scene make look like.

Via Sporting News

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