Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Maryland, Marshall to receive Playstation 4 consoles at Military Bowl

The Military Bowl is showering its bowl participants with Playstation 4 consoles this year as part of a swag package that any college student would envy.

As part of the NCAA's $550 limit that bowls can give to 125 participants per school, the Marshall Thundering Herd and Maryland Terrapins will receive a gift package that includes a Sony Playstation 4, a winter hat, and Ogio backpack for appearing in the game.

The Military Bowl isn't the only bowl game rewarding teams for good seasons via gifts and shopping sprees, though. Each of the 35 other bowl games are giving student athletes awesome gifts as well.

Among the more notable gifts include, Samsung Galaxy Tab 3s, Oakley sunglasses, Fossil watches, Best Buy gift cards worth hundreds of dollars, iPads, and strangely enough, recliners.

You can check out the whole list by visiting Sports Business Daily.

1 comment:

  1. Once again the NCAA and the universities prove that they are nothing more than cheap overlords. $550 is nothing more than pocket lint to the NCAA. These athletes should receive significantly more for making the bowls worth watching and be paid for their regular season.

    Last time I checked, chemistry, computer science, engineering, accounting and other students all can be paid for internships with the university saying nothing about it. It is time to reform this unjust and immoral system.