Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Mariano Rivera jokes that he would give Derek Jeter a female doll for Christmas

During an appearance in New York City on Wednesday, Mariano Rivera was asked what kind of Christmas gifts he would give to some of his former teammates and managers, which sparked some fantastic answers from the legendary Yankees closer.

Among Rivera's stellar gift ideas, he said he would give Derek Jeter a "life-size female doll," so that Jeter would have a wife. Yeah, as if Jeter actually needed any help in attracting members of the opposite sex. Nonetheless, the eligible bachelor has been flying solo for years around The Big Apple.

Rivera also provided a solid gift proposal for Robinson Cano. He said he would give the free agent Cano a piece of paper (a contract) and tell him to sign it. This was obviously in reference to the team's ongoing effort to resign the All-Star second basemen.

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