Sunday, December 15, 2013

LeSean McCoy's brother: LeSean gained his elite athleticism by playing with a rottweilder

It's no secret that LeSean McCoy is one of the more athletic running backs to grace the National Football League. But how did McCoy reach this kind of elite status? Talent? Hard work? By eluding a dog as a child?

According to McCoy's older brother, LeRon, the Philadelpha Eagles star blossomed into the nifty and speedy player he is today thanks to the aid of a Rottweiler.

“When we were kids we had this Rottweiler. Big dog. His name was Zeus,” McCoy’s older brother LeRon told Jeff McLane at the Philadelphia Inquirer. “LeSean is about six years younger than me and we used to go to this football field across the street from my house and take our dog for a walk. And I would tell LeSean, ‘Bring your pads, your helmet, and a ball.’ “

It turns out the dog was completely harmless. But young LeSean didn't know this at the time and instead did everything he could to avoid the dog's wrath. As LeRon claims, this is partly why his younger brother has developed such great football acumen.

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