Tuesday, December 17, 2013

LeSean McCoy tricks Eagles teammates on team plane

LeSean McCoy had a little fun at his teammates' expense during their flight home from Minnesota on Sunday.

The Eagles were already feeling down and out after suffering a brutal loss to the Vikings. However, McCoy, who was allegedly the only guy on the plane to boast internet access, tricked his teammates into believing a false outcome of the Cowboys-Packers game.

More on the story from NFL.com:

Although McCoy played it straight with Roseman and coach Chip Kelly, he twisted the facts when updating the players.

"I said, 'Yeah, (Tony) Romo threw a 37-yard pass, touchdown.' They're like, 'Really?' I'm like 'Nah, he threw a pick actually,'" McCoy explained. "Because nobody knew except for me, so whatever I said, they had to believe."

Ah, Shady being shady. What a prankster.

Via SportsbyBrooks

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