Monday, December 30, 2013

Kareem Abdul-Jabbar questions Andrew Bynum's heart and commitment

Andrew Bynum has fallen on tough times as of late.

After missing an entire season with the 76ers due to ongoing knee problems, the Cavaliers big man has now been suspended by the team for "detrimental conduct," leaving some to wonder whether Bynum will ever return to the great form he enjoyed with the Lakers.

Count basketball legend and former mentor Kareem Abdul-Jabbar among that group. Jabbar took to Facebook on Sunday to share his thoughts about the matter at hand.

I believe Andrew has always had the potential to help a team when he puts his heart into it. He just doesn't seem to be consistent with his commitment to the game. That can lead to a lot of frustration for any team that has signed him.

When I worked with Andrew I found him to be bright & hardworking but I think he got bored with the repetitive nature of working on basketball fundamentals day in and day out... but they are the keys to long term success. 

In my opinion Andrew is the type of person who walks to the beat of "a different drummer." So we won't know the facts until Andrew decides to tell us what actually is the issue and shares his thoughts.

Whether or not Bynum emerges as a productive star again may rest heavily on his desire to work hard to get there. At this point, it seems he is lacking the intrinsic motivation to do well.

Via Bleacher Report

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