Saturday, December 21, 2013

Justin Tucker: I could probably nail a field goal from 70 yards

Perhaps the free Dr. Pepper or the buzz obtained from his epic kicking performance is to blame, but Justin Tucker is feeling extremely good and confident about himself at the moment.

Just days removed from kicking one of the longest field goals of the season, a clutch 61 yard bomb that lifted the Ravens over the host Lions on Monday, Tucker now claims that his 6-for-6 showing was a piece of cake and that he could probably nail a 70-yard field goal under the right circumstances.

"If I pulled out the 8-degree driver -- on a day when I'm feeling real fresh -- I could probably hit one from 70 yards," Tucker said, via USA TODAY Sports. "I hit one from 70 yards in pregame in Detroit this past Monday night."

Okay, so that's not too hard to believe. But then Tucker proceeded to gloat a bit more by alleging he drilled an 80 yard attempt earlier this season in Denver.

"In practice I've hit from 79 yards," Tucker said. "That was in Denver before our opener in September. The weather was perfect; the field was good. With the altitude in the Rocky Mountains, the ball jumps off your foot."

Okay, we have to raise a red flag at this point. Is smashing an 80 yard kick through the uprights even humanly possible? If so, no human has even come close yet in an actual game that matters.

Nonetheless, it would be extremely interesting to see the Ravens allow Tucker to take an attempt from that far away. He would likely need hurricane force winds behind him to drive that through.

Via Eye on Football

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