Friday, December 20, 2013

Ed Reed blasts media: Y'all don't know as much about football as you think

It's been a less than stellar season for Ed Reed.

After 11 glorious years with the Baltimore Ravens, which was capped by a Super Bowl ring in January, the 35-year-old mulled retirement before deciding to come back with the Houston Texans. Last month, he was released and immediately picked up by the New York Jets.

Now, Reed is trying to salvage what is left of an otherwise disappointing individual campaign. And his frustrations were completely evident when he spoke with the media on Friday. In fact, the future Hall of Fame safety proceeded to blast them.

"Everything I've been through, I've been through for a reason, to learn a lot—even reading you guys' blogs, listening to your comments, knowing half of ya'll don't know as much about football as you think you do, unless you come and sit in the film with us, and break the film down. You don't even know the schematic part of it.

"You can ask the questions, but that don't mean that you're an expert at what we do. It's funny to me. Reading it, I smile at it, laugh at it, but that's your job. Some of your jobs, you tear people down, (or) try to, and tear the team down, not understand that it's a team. You'd rather point the finger at one individual. It's not an individual game. It's a team sport—totally a team sport."

Ah, the classic "people who have never played the sport professionally don't know the sport" theory. It's a narrative that has been beaten to death by players and coaches in the past so it's no surprise Reed is pulling out the card here as well.

However, Reed does make a valid point when saying media members are often out to get players in order to stir up controversy and stories. After all, it is part of their job, not just reporting the news and writing columns, but ultimately driving readership and eyeballs, too.



  1. He is right. And you can sense the author of this article trying to downplay Reeds comments as foolish. The majority of sports writers never played past high school if at all. It's like a virgin explaining to you the ins and outs of sex.

    1. Lol, watching a lot of porn does not make someone an expert at sex