Friday, December 20, 2013

Dr. Pepper hooks Justin Tucker up with free soda to commemorate epic game

Justin Tucker had an individual kicking performance for the ages on Monday.

The Baltimore Ravens placekicker drilled all six of his attempted field goals, the final of which was from 61 yards to lift his squad past the Detroit Lions.

After the game, Tucker became the man of the hour, and lived up to the billing perfectly by giving shoutouts to kickers, fantasy football owners, and the average joe.

In a show of appreciation for Tucker's monumental night, Dr. Pepper decided to send him personalized bottles of their drink in commemoration of the game, which can be seen in the photo above.

Bottom line: Kick six field goals, one of the game-winning variety, and Dr. Pepper will be sure to hook you up with free goods.

Via For the Win

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  1. And No one will talk about the Holding call that was missed in the End Zone. It was plain as Day. How does Both Ref's miss a call like this..
    So the Ravens could get the ball with time on the clock so could try and kick in the ball first place.
    A Ref. in the announcer Box called it, and was very disappointed with the Ref’s on the field.
    So Dr Pepper should give them a free case. Wow the cost was about 2.00 Total…