Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Docter says Anderson Silva could train again in 6-9 months

Weidman vs Silva

There has been speculation that Anderson Silva has a desire to return to the octagon again despite suffering a brutal leg injury during last Saturday's bout against Chris Weidman.

According to the doctor who performed successful surgery on Silva's leg, Steve Sanders, who is the Ultimate Fighting Championhip's orthopedic surgeon, he believes Silva could start training again in 6-9 months if he chooses.

"In the pre-op area, his question was, 'When can I train?'" Sanders said. "And he asks every time I see him on my rounds, 'When can I train?', and I always indicate to him he should be able to train. It's important to be positive with your patient."

Regarded as one of the greatest fighters in the sport's history, Silva broke both his left tibia and fibula in the main event of UFC 168 on Saturday. In order to stabilize Silva's broken leg, Sanders inserted a titanium rod to stabilize it. The procedure took roughly an hour.

Via USA Today

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