Friday, December 20, 2013

Dennis Rodman receives chilling letter asking him not to go to North Korea

(USA TODAY Sports)

While Dennis Rodman travels to North Korea this weekend to pay a visit to Kim Jong Un, one human rights activist named Shin Dong-hyuk is asking Rodman to reconsider, citing the horrific things the North Korean dictator has done to his people.

It should be noted that Shin was born in a North Korean labor camp and endured years of cruel and crippling mistreatment.

Here is an excerpt from his letter to Rodman:

I want to tell you about myself. I was born in 1982 in Camp 14, a political prison in the mountains of North Korea.

My crime was to be born as the son of a man whose brother fled to South Korea in the 1950s.

On orders of the guards in Camp 14, inmates are forced to marry and create children to be raised by guards to be disposable slaves. Until I escaped in 2005, I was one of those slaves. My body is covered with scars from torture I endured in the camp.

I happen to be about the same age as your friend Kim Jong Un. But if you ask him about me, he is likely to refer to me as “human scum.”

Mr. Rodman, I cannot presume to tell you to cancel your trip to North Korea. It is your right as an American to travel wherever you wish and to say whatever you want.

But as you have a fun time with the dictator, please try to think about what he and his family have done and continue to do. Just last week, Kim Jong Un ordered the execution of his uncle.

No dictatorship lasts forever. Freedom will come to North Korea someday. When it does, my wish is that you will have, in some way, helped bring about change.

Wow. That's heavy stuff.

For what it's worth, after this weekend, Rodman plans to return to the hostile country next month with a team of 12 American basketball players in order to play an exhibition game in celebration of Un's birthday.


  1. Rodman's an ass, always dumber than dirt, probably has no idea what No Korea is all about! It's about as un-american as one could get to go play basketball for this criminal.

  2. Rodman is playing with fire. If he gets burned, he has no one to blame but himself.

  3. Rodman is broke and surely getting paid by the korean dictator. He, along with Duck Dynasty dude need to permanently relocate to N.K., oh, and include Palin.

  4. Maybe the worm is a spy, trying to get the drop on the North... It's not like we haven't had celebrities as spies before. The United States did, and still doing business with dictators all over the globe.

  5. Hasn't anyone watched MIB? (Men in Black) Rodman is not from this world. He is probably down here to study us and our bizarre interactions with each other.