Monday, December 2, 2013

Bill Clinton called John Calipari to talk Kentucky hoops

John Calipari was busy with more than just preparing his Kentucky Wildcats team to play Providence on Sunday.

This is because former president Bill Clinton took time to give Calipari a call Sunday afternoon to talk a little hoops. And when a man of Clinton's stature wants to talk about something, you talk.

Here is a brief recap provided by Calipari on his Twitter account.
Calipari and his Wildcats have a tough stretch coming up schedule-wise. In December alone, Kentucky will face Baylor, Boise State, North Carolina, Belmont, and arch-rival Louisville to wrap up the month.

Via Eye on College Basketball


  1. I wouldn't take a phone call from the cheat on my family,convicted felon with no morals.

  2. Clinton is proselytizing for contributions to his global initiative fund and knows athletics is a fertile ground to explore. I cannot conceive of any other reason that one shyster would befriend another shyster. But Clinton has answers for everything and possesses the gift of gab unlike most other politicians, he can talk himself out of a paper bag.