Thursday, November 28, 2013

Video: Houston Rockets butcher 'Dreidel Song' for Hannukah

The Houston Rockets attempted to sing their version of the "Dreidel Song" in celebration of Hannukah, and as you can see by this video, it didn't go so well.

You would think the team would have learned to avoid forcing their players to do something their not good at, singing, by simply watching how the New York Mets version of "Sleigh Bells" turned out. Unfortunately, they did not. So, we are left with yet another awkward holiday video produced by a professional sports team.

Perhaps the part of the video that embodies how Rockets players feel about making this comes when Chandler Parsons says, "Isn't this a Jewish thing?"

For some reason, the editor decided to leave that part in. The rest is history.

Via SportsGrid 

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