Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Rudy Gay uses strange idiom when referring to banning stat sheets from Raptors locker room

Stat sheets are no longer welcome inside the Raptors locker room after Rudy Gay has reportedly put an unofficial ban on them.

Aside from the whole angle of bringing the team together as one, here is the explanation Gay gave to the Toronto Sun:

“We’re not playing for stats,” Gay said.

“I wanted to just nip it in the butt before it became an issue,” he said. “We come in here after losses, after wins and people are staring at those stat sheets, but that’s not what we’re about. We’re a team and the stat that matters is the W.”

Wait, did I just read that correctly?

It may have been a typo, or perhaps it was just the actual quote, but "nip it in the butt" is not exactly how the saying goes. Well, it's more like "nip it in the bud," in reference to snipping a flower bud before it can grow.

But for comedic purposes, let's now refer to this old adage as "butt" and not "bud."

Via The Big Lead

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