Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Ricky Williams accuses Jonathan Martin of using Richie Incognito as scapegoat

Ricky Williams is one-of-a-kind and he provided a one-of-a-kind response when asked about his thoughts on the Miami Dolphins situation involving Riche Incognito and Jonathan Martin.

Simply put, the former NFL running back gave an opinion not shared by the majority, and basically accused Martin of trying to use Incognito as an excuse to step away from football.

“I think I can relate and I can speak on this because I was at a point where I was done with the NFL and I needed to take a break,” Williams told Chris Wesseling of NFL.com. “But unlike Jonathan, I didn’t have to find a scapegoat or someone to blame. … I didn’t have to bring anyone else down when I found out that I just couldn’t handle what I was going through at the time.

“There’s all these text messages and these voice messages. It takes some awareness and some planning and some orchestration to actually save those and record those. … (Martin) is fighting (Incognito), but he’s just doing it in his own way. If we’re going to talk about the story as a hazing story — which doesn’t fit — or as a bullying story, it’s really a great example of the kid that is ‘getting bullied’ fighting back in his own way. … I think they’re both victims. I think the truth is never going to come out. One guy has a paid vacation. And one guy has a vacation that’s not paid right now.”

Williams believes he received similar treatment as Martin during his playing career, too.

“When I came in as a rookie, they called me ‘Ricky Weirdo.’ And they busted my balls and they gave me a hard time, but I just laughed because it was funny. … If someone sent me those messages, I would send a text back and call him a redneck and put ‘lol.’ To me, situations that you got yourself into, you got yourself into. It falls on you to find a way to get yourself out. And I’m not judging the way he got himself out of the situation. I actually think it’s quite brilliant.”

Well, there is that. One thing we can always count on from Ricky is a unique perspective on things, and he certainly didn't disappoint this time around, either.



  1. As Jim Mora would say, "Ricky Williams? Ricky Williams? Are you kidding me? Riky Williams??!!

  2. just about covered that to a T. I agree with Ricky! But that not the direction the media wants it to go.

  3. Snowden has set an example of people who are not getting the job done and about to be fired or replaced. So they are basically throwing someone or even a nation under the bus to make themselves look good and play the pity party routine. Lets face it Martin sucks, he is not strong nor tough. Ricky is right just like Snowden who now does not have to work and gets a free ride, so does Martin, at least for now.

    1. Since he made the roster of an NFL team (not CFL or Arena League) that means he has a high level of football capability. I would love to see you line up, one-on-one, or emano emano, and go head to head and lets see how tough he is or if he works hard. You keyboard bullies around here always think that a person that refuses to be pushed around, outside of the job description, are whimps and looking for free rides. Go one on one with Martin and prove it!

  4. Rickey Williams, is either an idiot or a bully himself. J. Martin probably felt he had no where to turn