Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Report: James Harden being sued for punching Lakers fan in the face

James Harden may be facing a legal battle soon after a TMZ report claims that he allegedly punched a Lakers fan in the face.

The incident occurred outside of a night club in Los Angeles earlier this month.

More on the story from TMZ:

According to the lawsuit, Harden was on his way out of Greystone Manor nightclub in West Hollywood November 3rd -- riding in the back seat of some SUV -- when he rolled the window down to greet fans.

That's when a man named Barak Golan says he shouted at Harden, "Kobe owns your ass!" and Harden allegedly socked him in the face.

But Harden wasn't done ... Barak says the Rockets guard flipped him off as his SUV sped away.

Barak is now suing for assault and battery, demanding unspecified damages. Harden's reps had no comment.

In all honesty, part of the blame for this situation should fall on the fan, who was basically asking for it after shouting the vulgar insult in Harden's face. However, it definitely doesn't give Harden the right to resort to physical confrontation.

Being that Harden has become one of the faces of the NBA, the league won't be happy about one of its stars being connected to a story like this. Whether the lawsuit moves forward or not, Harden has already suffered some negative publicity because of it, which is a shame because he has been playing so well on the court lately. Entering Wednesday, Harden led the team in points (24.3) and assists (5.2), while guiding the Rockets to three straight wins.

Via Bleacher Report


  1. I am a Celtics fan, and therefore grew up despising he Lakers. With that said, you're an idiot of you think the fan had it coming for saying, "Kobe owns your ass."

    1. Peter, I share your thought, that is basic trash talk that any player would have to put with. Players make huge wages, banter such as this goes with the territory! When a fan starts making out of line comments about a players family, to me that would deserve some attention. However being the adult and role model would keep the gold diggers from sucking a above average good man into a lawsuit!!

  2. The fan definitely had it coming. However, what Harden should have done was reach in his wallet, then ask the guy, "do you want $100?" If the fan accepted, then knock his lights out.
    Just sayin...

  3. Hard to believe " Kobe owns your ass " is all that was said. That seems like someone saying that Kobe is a better player, and if that's true, common sense should have prevailed. There are people out there trying to figure how to make themselves some easy money and some pro athletes are targeted as though a bulls eye is on their clothing. Plus the possibility of a broken hand in or out of season makes common sense seem non existent and a lawsuit inevitable. Harden is the latest on a looooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooong list ! Kobe has been a target as well !